Tuesday, January 10, 2012

ILLA Records $$$. ILLA Records .$$$.

$$$. ILLA Records .$$$. The One and Only GOD is Amen-Ra! The righteous, African Sun / Son of GOD Horus (Heru) Krst is LORD! ILLA Records


  1. $$$. ILLA Records .$$$.
    Stop child abuse, stop crimes against humanity, and stop the destruction of the earth. Eternal life belongs to the righteous Egyptian Sun / Son of GOD Heru Krst and his righteous disciples. The christian church is false and condemned to hell. Judaism is false and Moses is condemned to hell for eternity. Islam and Mohammed are false! Both the christian and the muslim falsely believe that the fraud, so called angel Gabriel started their coward religions. He could not bring the false gospel to that false Mary or the false message to that false prophet mohammed. In one he falsely says the blasphemer Jesus is the Sun / Son of god, but in the other he doesn't. There was already the gospel of Heru Krst over 3,000 years before the so called birth of that blasphemer Jesus. Jesus is the satanic accuser, condemned cause of genocide to righteous Africans, and Jesus, Jews, Semites, Europe, the Catholic church, any church in Christ's name, Spain, Portugal, lawless Asians, and the like are condemned to hell for eternity for the crimes they committed against humanity, against GOD Amen-Ra, against Heru Krst, and against the righteous disciples of Heru Krst. The gospel of Heru Krst is the only gospel. Power and Glory belong to GOD Amen-Ra, the LORD Heru krst, and the Egyptian LORD Heru Krst's righteous disciples forever. ILLA Records

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